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Welcome Letter

Dear Investor

Since 2001 we have been witnessing the beginning stages of the longest Bull Market in Precious Metals prices in the history of their pricing in U.S. Dollars. This Bull Market is expected by most major analysts to continue for many years to come taking prices to levels never before seen and difficult to fathom for non-believers.

The problem facing those who wish to acquire Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium as part of their investment portfolio is how does one go about finding reputable dealers to deal with and with so many types of Precious Metals Investments out there, which ones are safe and secure. Here at Smart Bullion, LLC. we have the best answer possible for the investor: Immediate Delivery of Physical Product.

Every purchase of any Precious Metals Products conducted with Smart Bullion, LLC. is a purchase made for Immediate Delivery of actual Bullion and is not a transaction involving futures contracts, options on futures contracts or securities.

When you utilize the Online Purchasing Services of Smart Bullion, LLC. all of your transactions are conducted for Immediate Delivery to you or into your account with Precious Metals International, Ltd. Products in your account with Precious Metals International, Ltd. are kept in one of their many segregated, exchange-approved, storage facilities throughout the world. (New York, London England, Toronto Canada, Wilmington Delaware, Salt Lake City Utah, Perth Australia, and others).

When you use the Online Selling services of Smart Bullion, LLC. your transactions are Same Day Cash Settled into your Account with PMI and are available to you immediately. For non-U.S. citizens PMI also provides Collateralized Financing up to 80% of the market value of your holdings which may be utilized for any purpose.

Please take the time to review our Products and Services and Frequently Asked Question sections of our website and feel free to call upon us with any question you might have. We are confident you will find your relationship with Smart Bullion, LLC. extremely satisfactory.

Welcome Letter